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What is Gum Drops, NFP?

Gumdrops1Gum Drops, NFP provides a weekend package of child-friendly food to help enhance the quality of life for at-risk children through Southern Illinois. This program helps remove barriers to academic success for these at-risk children. It is very likely that these at risk children will endure lifelong consequences as a result of having limited or no access to food.


Hunger can affect any child, even those children you would never and least expect. These children suffer significantly in health issues, behavior difficulties, as well as academic performance.

Gum Drops plays a crucial role in the lives of these at risk-children by bringing down the barriers caused by hunger.

Gum Drops is a non-for-profit organization that began in January gumdrops32008. In 2008, Gum Drops was feeding over 1,400 at-risk children every week of the school year. Every year the number of at-risk children has been climbing. In 2012, we were at a record high of serving 41,041 students that fiscal school year. Today we deliver over 1,400+ packages weekly.

We are in 12 different school districts and 36 schools throughout Southern Illinois. Click here to be directed to the listing of school’s in Southern Illinois.

Currently, we are gearing up for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. Food (list of needed items) or cash donations are needed desperately.  Without you and your generosity many of the youth in Southern Illinois would be at a great disadvantage.


Total Meal Provided Per School Year

2007 – 2008  –  Total Count – 756

2008 – 2009  –  Total Count – 3,775

2009 – 2010  –  Total Count – 12,974

2010 – 2011  –  Total Count – 30,133

2011 – 2012  –  Total Count – 39,629

2012 – 2013  –  Total Count – 41,041

2013 – 2014  –  Total Count – 36,934

2014 – 2015  –  Total Count – 44,100

2015 – 2016  –  Total Count – TBA